The Property


The distinctive character of Sheba Guest House is in it’s unique blueprint: On the premises, you’ll find four single-level “Beyts” (meaning ‘house’ in Amharic). Each Beyt consists of one or more rooms or suites for your convenience. This means that our guests can delight in a single room for a few nights’ stay or invite the whole family over and enjoy an extended holiday.


History & Location

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Sheba Guest House is part of a secure and private, gated community known as the "Turkish Embassy Compound". What this means for our guests is unparalleled safety, smoothly-paved access roads, reliable power and water, and no noise pollution.

In the past, the property was the site for Addis Ababa’s city planning offices! Shortly after we learned of the land, we eventually renovated and converted the offices into a home where we spent several enjoyable and memorable years as a family. The history of Sheba Guest House has provided us with both the distinctive layout of the property and a great sense of warmth for our guests.

We are so happy to be offering a place for visitors and their families to call home during their stay in Addis. We can gladly say that Sheba Guest House served as a lovely home for us just the same.