Cape Verde St Addis Ababa, Oromia Ethiopia

(T) (011) 251-116-18-85-56; (M) (011) 251-911-67-69-23; (F) (011) 251-116-18-00-44; USA (703) 864-6935


All occupancies  are double. There is a $20USD additional charge for persons over 12 years old. All room charges are inclusive of continental breakfast. An additional menu will be available for extra charge. See Terms at the bottom of the page.

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Our room charges are subject to seasonal changes.

Reservations are subject to a 15% VAT charge.

Room charges are entitled for discounts for extended stays.

Rooms are cleaned daily.

Laundry service is available at minimal charges.

Guests are allowed 30 minutes access to use the common kitchen.


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